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yueniang Today, 7:40 AM Oh, sorry, l didn't read the note before posting (after a long time!)
Administrator Yesterday, 1:10 PM We are converting this Forum to Jcink. Please do not make further posts. We will inform you once the conversion is done.
Administrator Yesterday, 1:10 PM This Forum will be forced to convert to Tapatalk very soon. Tapatalk has imposted many restrictions and is very user unfriendly.
Belly Button Aug 17 2018, 01:24 PM Ruyi will air online on 20 August. (-'.'-)
Cassiemissy Jul 24 2018, 11:06 AM http://www.meipai.com/user/1568151791
Cassiemissy Jul 24 2018, 11:06 AM Stay tune at 1.30pm (+8GMT) for live broadcast of Wallace wax figure revealing at HK Madame Tussauds
sugarjw1026 Jul 9 2018, 09:23 AM ty big mama bb...will always be a proud member of this forum! {**} :-{{
Belly Button Jul 7 2018, 05:04 PM Happy belated third anniversary Sugar. (-'.'-)
sugarjw1026 Jun 25 2018, 10:30 AM time is indeed fast,this week this will be my 3rd yr.anniversary in this forum! (-'.'-) &-| [:-) [/color]
sugarjw1026 Jun 18 2018, 10:27 AM happy father's day to all my huomi friends and most esp.to wallace! &-| (((((
yueniang May 11 2018, 12:42 PM Huomi dear, l'm sorry l have been away so long. Loads of work and.. a trip to China! But sadly l really didn't see him anywhere. Just Ruby. Well, and Eddie Peng everywhere.
sugarjw1026 Apr 24 2018, 08:38 AM you are always welcome acrylic!
Acrylic Apr 23 2018, 10:53 PM @Sugar thank you very much.
sugarjw1026 Apr 23 2018, 09:47 AM @acrylic send you a pm already! :)
Acrylic Apr 21 2018, 02:11 AM @Sugar thank you for your reply. I have another question. Hope you don't mind. I really need your help. Thank you (((((
sugarjw1026 Apr 20 2018, 08:51 AM @acrylic got your msg.already and i send you a pm! ty too! &-|
Acrylic Apr 20 2018, 12:27 AM @Sugar Sugar I send you PM. Could you check it ? Thank you
Acrylic Apr 20 2018, 12:27 AM @BB Thank you
Belly Button Apr 18 2018, 06:21 PM Sugar is from Phillipines.
Acrylic Apr 17 2018, 09:40 AM Dear guys, is there Filipinos here ? I am sorry it's been a long time so I kind of forgetting who is what citizen. Thank you
sugarjw1026 Apr 2 2018, 04:15 PM @tobeme yes indeed she will always be a gem to all of us!
sugarjw1026 Apr 2 2018, 04:14 PM a blessed easter to all my huomi family! may the good lord continue to bless us all!
tobeme Mar 29 2018, 02:04 PM TH helped to write the Board Rules for the Fourm. I am reading her last comment left on Wallace’s FB and still can’t believe such a funny and lovely person had left us!
tobeme Mar 29 2018, 12:07 PM I am so sorry for not visiting the forum and only found out about the sad news now. I miss her.
tobeme Mar 29 2018, 12:04 PM What! TH passed away! I'm so shocked to hear this. May her rest in peace.
sugarjw1026 Mar 28 2018, 09:17 AM have a meaningful holy week to everyone! may the good lord bless us all!
sugarjw1026 Mar 26 2018, 09:19 AM ty khavandiep...we are going to miss her so much and give my condolences to her parents. she will always be special to all of us!
Belly Button Mar 23 2018, 01:20 PM @khavandiep, thanks. Please tell TH's parents that we all loved her here. We found her humour, loyalty and enthusiasm infectious. We miss her.
khavandiep Mar 21 2018, 06:55 AM Thank you for all you thought and prayers in regards to TH passing. I will relay the messages to her parents.
sugarjw1026 Mar 14 2018, 10:48 AM may she rest in peace...i still can't belive that she's already gone! life is indeed short...ty for being a nice friend to us! :-@
yueniang Mar 12 2018, 11:24 AM It's sadly true... oh dears!
Belly Button Mar 11 2018, 03:02 PM OMG I cannot believe it. Tell me it is not true. I like her very much and I know she has just graduated looking forward to life. Condolences to her family. TH, you are a beautuful and funny girl
Belly Button Mar 11 2018, 02:59 PM OMG.. I cannot belive it
Kikira Mar 11 2018, 01:23 AM What a sad, terrible news ... I can not believe ... Very very sad. :-@
Cassiemissy Mar 10 2018, 05:06 PM It’s so sad I still can’t get over the shocked... It’s so sudden.. :-@
Acrylic Mar 9 2018, 11:02 PM I am really really sad. Please RIP :-@ :-@ :-@ :-@
Acrylic Mar 9 2018, 11:02 PM :-@ :-@ :-@ :-@
Acrylic Mar 9 2018, 11:02 PM I am really really sad. Please RIP
sugarjw1026 Mar 9 2018, 05:49 PM im really really sad...=(
sugarjw1026 Mar 9 2018, 05:46 PM what?! oh dear...im so shocked and my heart is aching!!! :-@ ]-I :-@ rip th...can't believe this sad news!!! :-@ :-@ :-@
yueniang Mar 9 2018, 01:34 PM Oh Huomis, ml don't know where to write this, l'm shocked, and so sad!! our dear TH passed away this morning because a car accident! :-@ :-@ :-@ :-@
Belly Button Feb 28 2018, 07:52 PM Hey Admin, I love the hot read New Year Banner.
Ichiban Feb 28 2018, 01:08 PM Hello all new members. Hopefully Wallace will start working soon.
Belly Button Feb 25 2018, 12:09 PM Belated happy lunar new year to all Huomis who celebrate it.
sugarjw1026 Feb 19 2018, 10:20 AM kiong hee huat chai may the year of the dog bring us luck,good health,happiness & long life! [:-) [/color]
Ichiban Feb 15 2018, 03:20 PM Happy New Year of the Dog!
sugarjw1026 Feb 14 2018, 08:47 AM happy love day everyone...let's spread the love on this special day of hearts! &-| :-{{
sugarjw1026 Feb 13 2018, 09:22 AM advance happy hearts day my huomi friends!!! (:-) h-0k
sugarjw1026 Feb 8 2018, 08:56 AM god bless taiwan hope that there will be no more earthquake